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Willie Boynton has over 35 years creating Landscape Designs, both Residential and Commercial. Willie worked for MBNA New England in Camden, Maine doing Landscape Design and overseeing construction from 1999–2003, designing some of the finest landscapes ever created in the State of Maine; during the “hay days” for MBNA New England in Maine.  We have also created numerous designs for several Maine based Landscape Construction Companies.

Landscape Gardens, Hardscape, Ponds and Water Features, Orchards, Drive Layouts, Screening, Erosion Control, Patios, Outside Kitchens, Athletic Fields, Tree Farms, Vegetable Gardens, Sub-Divisions, Entrances, Parking Lots, Walking & Ski Trails, Decks, Lighting …. Design imaging!

We all know that curb appeal is very important if you are looking to sell your home, but having a well-designed and maintained landscape is important many other reasons. A well-designed landscape maximizes the usability of your green space to gain the right balance of visual appeal and operational area. A properly performed landscape project will also clearly show where your property ends and where your neighbor’s begins, and can also make your property more serene as plants and trees absorb ambient noise. Absorbing ambient noise is also important if you are looking to host a gathering – perhaps to show off your new landscape design.

Whether you are a home or a business, having an attractive landscape just simply makes your property more inviting. If you have been considering upgrading your green space, for a breath-taking low maintenance Landscape Design, contact us at Boynton & Pickett.