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Aerial Maps

With our aerial mapping services, you can get a complete and richly detailed picture of your land. You can see all the encampments, the many wetlands, the streams, ponds, trails, power lines, and more.


Boundary Surveyor

Private ownership of a property in the Greenville area is always an exciting opportunity, but without clearly defined boundaries, it can quickly become a bigger headache than it’s worth. When the boundaries of your Greenville property haven’t been clearly defined, disputes and misunderstandings are all you have to look forward to. If you want to avoid constant bickering with neighbors and trespassers, give Boynton & Pickett LLC a call today to find out more about our boundary surveyor services.

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Energy Projects

As one of the premier boundary surveyors in the Greenville area, the small but diligent team at Boynton & Pickett LLC possesses a unique range of skills that can clearly define the boundaries of your particular energy project. So, if you want to make sure that the disputes and misunderstandings that can accompany land boundary disagreements are avoided, then you really need to call our Greenville office today and let us provide you with more information about how our service can help you.


ALTA Land Title Survey

American poet Robert Frost said it best when he wrote that, “Good fences make good neighbors.” But sometimes a fence isn’t enough. Greenville residents are a friendly sort. But sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Property disputes are a fact of life. Boyton & Pickett LLC has been one of Greenville’s most trusted land surveying firms for over 15 years. Here’s a short guide to the sorts of questions you might ask when choosing a land survey system for your next real estate transaction.


Landscape Design

There is no better way to increase the curb appeal of your home or business than with professional landscaping from Boynton & Pickett LLC. We’re more than just great landscapers. We’re nature lovers. And we bring that love of nature into every landscape design we create.

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Land Planning

You’re about to close what you think is the deal of a lifetime on a sweet, shady property in Carrabassett Valley. You’ve got your perfect artisanal maple syrup farm and local-foods restaurant planned with the ink dried on a deal with a local general contractor. Finally, years of hard work are about to pay off, and your dream is going to become a reality. That is until the municipal government slaps you with an ordinance preventing you from building a commercial property on a space zoned for residential use.

Land Planning Carrabassett Valley