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Boundary Surveyor

Private ownership of a property in the Greenville area is always an exciting opportunity, but without clearly defined boundaries, it can quickly become a bigger headache than it’s worth. When the boundaries of your Greenville property haven’t been clearly defined, disputes and misunderstandings are all you have to look forward to. If you want to avoid constant bickering with neighbors and trespassers, give Boynton & Pickett LLC a call today to find out more about our boundary surveyor services.


Energy Projects

As one of the premier boundary surveyors in the Greenville area, the small but diligent team at Boynton & Pickett LLC possesses a unique range of skills that can clearly define the boundaries of your particular energy project. So, if you want to make sure that the disputes and misunderstandings that can accompany land boundary disagreements are avoided, then you really need to call our Greenville office today and let us provide you with more information about how our service can help you.