Landscape Design in Greenville

There is no better way to increase the curb appeal of your Greenville home or business than with professional landscaping from Boynton & Pickett LLC. We’re more than just great landscapers. We’re nature lovers. And we bring that love of nature into every landscape design we create.

Moreover, as a top land surveying company in Maine, we spend a lot of time out in the field exploring the local landscapes. This makes us uniquely suited to designing landscapes that embrace the natural world around them. Our professional landscapers are familiar with local soils, weather patterns, flora, and fauna. And they bring this to bear on everything we design—from the simple garden in front of a pharmacy, to a huge multi-acre property in the countryside.

Is Landscaping a DIY Job?

Although the Internet will tell you otherwise, the short answer is no. Sure you can get some tips on garden design and which plants require which amount of light to thrive. You can decide on a color palette for your flowers. You can decide on a bird bath or flagstone path. But at the end of the day, landscape and garden design come down to the intricate connections between every element. Our professional landscapers have spent years learning about it.

We can barely count the number of Greenville residents who’ve tried to do their own work and found their property practically barren a month later.

There’s always a reason: some plants don’t get along with one another; the soil might be the wrong type for one or more plants; a local critter might be making secret visits for a midnight snack. That’s when we’re called in to fix the job. Of course, we’re happy to do it—but wouldn’t you like to get it done right on the first try? We certainly would!

Planning for Perfect Planting

Whether it’s commercial landscaping or backyard design, we always focus on the planning stage. That’s where the complicated details will be dealt with. We begin every project with a detailed consultation and a home visit that will give us the lay of the land. We only start planting, cutting, digging and building, once we know everything we can learn about the soil quality, possible problems with erosion, insect nests, etc.

It’s in this part of the project that we’ll chat with you about your vision for your landscape design. Boynton & Pickett LLC prioritizes collaboration. Sure, we know a thing or two about landscaping. But at the end of the day, it’s your vision we’re bringing to life. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. For us, that means listening to every detail and getting a clear picture of what you want.

Unlimited Potential

Greenville is a beautiful place to live. We love it here! At Boynton & Pickett LLC is to bring a personal touch to the already beautiful landscape. We like to think of our work as a kind of public service, making Greenville a nicer city, one garden, front yard, and park at a time.

If you have a commercial landscape, residential landscape, or garden that needs designing, contact us today!