Land Planning in Carrabassett Valley

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You’re about to close what you think is the deal of a lifetime on a sweet, shady property in Carrabassett Valley. You’ve got your perfect artisanal maple syrup farm and local-foods restaurant planned with the ink dried on a deal with a local general contractor. Finally, years of hard work are about to pay off, and your dream is going to become a reality.

That is until the municipal government slaps you with an ordinance preventing you from building a commercial property on a space zoned for residential use.


Does this sound like a far-fetched scenario? It isn’t. Regulatory issues affect businesses and homeowners every day in Carrabassett Valley. It’s not a matter of not reading the contract correctly; it’s that the rules and regulations surrounding zoning and land use are almost impossible for the layperson to decipher.

Before you buy property or think about developing an existing one, it’s crucial you consult a land use planning expert. With over 13 years in business, Boynton & Pickett LLC is your correct choice for help with zoning, land use planning, and boundary surveys and title disputes.

Land Use Planning for Individuals

If you want to develop a commercial property or add a second story to your house, it’s crucial you consult a land planning expert. Contact Boynton & Pickett LLC for help with boundary surveys, title registrations, or zoning disputes. We’ve made it our business to cut down red tape and make life better for everyone in Carrabassett Valley.

Land Use Planning Consulting for Governments and Institutions

Boynton & Pickett LLC can provide top-tier consulting for municipal and state government agencies who need help setting up fair and balanced land use plans, as well as nongovernmental organizations working to obtain fair land use in Maine.

Development in Carrabassett Valley ought to work to provide a balance between preserving the beauty and character of the natural resources here while also allowing for healthy competition in business and adequate housing and residences for the average citizen who wants to live in this beautiful space.

Boynton & Pickett LLC can act as an objective third party when resolving land use disputes and can be counted on as a consultant to keep our rates competitive and our advice cutting-edge.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys allow individuals their full rights as property owners without causing nasty headaches for the regulators and enforcers who keep Carrabassett Valley a pleasant place to live for everyone. For private or public boundary use surveys with expertise that’s second to none, contact Boynton & Pickett LLC.

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Wondering how we can make your life as a landlord or property developer easier? Alternatively, is your city council looking to fund a new development project but you aren’t sure about the limits of your jurisdiction? Give us a call. With over 13 years providing the best possible customer service to our clients, it’s easy to see why we’ve built such a stellar reputation. Call us today to learn more!