Energy Projects in Greenville

As one of the premier boundary surveyors in the Greenville area, the small but diligent team at Boynton & Pickett LLC possesses a unique range of skills that can clearly define the boundaries of your particular energy project. So, if you want to make sure that the disputes and misunderstandings that can accompany land boundary disagreements are avoided, then you really need to call our Greenville office today and let us provide you with more information about how our service can help you.

What is a Boundary Survey?

In essence, a boundary survey is a method used to measure and determine the size and physical location of a piece of land that has been described in writing or graphically. So, whether you are a construction manager or a project lead working on the construction of an energy project in the Greenville area, it is important that you ensure that a boundary survey is first conducted. But why is this so important?

Well, the answer to that question is very straightforward.

In essence, boundary surveys are needed whenever there us a need to know the physical location of a property line. This can occur if there is a dispute between two landowners but also during the construction of an energy project like yours. As an energy operator you probably don’t need us at Boynton & Pickett LLC to tell you that a loan or the re-finance on a subject property will often require a boundary survey so as to protect the mortgager.

What We Do

Working in an industry like boundary surveying means that we at Boynton & Pickett LLC are used to receiving questions about what we actually do. And honestly, if we had a dollar for every time we received this question, then we’d probably be able to retire to the Caribbean by now!

All joking aside, if you are involved in the oversight of the construction of an energy project then you need to know what land you can use and what you cannot. That is why when you come to us for a boundary survey for your energy project you will not just receive a detailed survey of which land you can use, you will also receive the following five actions as standard:

  • A written work agreement
  • Location of property monumentation
  • Location of site improvements in relation to boundary monumentation
  • Location of any visible evidence of use or easement
  • Creation a map or plat of the measurements

Putting You First

As well as the detailed points outlined above, you will also receive a detailed and tailored consultation to ensure that you are fully informed of all the findings and issues that we have discussed throughout the boundary survey process for your energy project.

What’s more, our professional approach combined with our punctual and affordable service means that we should be the first number that any energy operations manager contacts before beginning a project in the Greenville area.