Boundary Surveyor in Skowhegan

For many living in Skowhegan, their home or business is their greatest investment. Property ownership is nearly always a sound financial choice, and property ownership in a close and tight-knit community like Skowhegan means being able to make a future for you and your loved ones in a place where the pace of life isn’t quite so hectic.

There’s a lot to like about that idea. But even though property ownership can bring many benefits, there are also some pitfalls to consider. After all, if you’re making the largest investment of your life, it makes sense to be prudent and cautious.

That’s why, before you break ground on your new commercial renovation project or you buy that fixer-upper home in Skowhegan with an eye to making future investments and additions, it’s crucial you contact a land and property surveying company with the experience and expertise you need to protect your investment. Call Boynton & Pickett LLC now for the peace of mind you deserve.

Building on, renovating or expanding a property without a boundary survey can cause you a real headache down the line if you haven’t completed your due diligence. Boynton & Pickett LLC saves you money and serves as your expert witness in property disputes if necessary.

A boundary survey from Boynton & Pickett LLC on your commercial or residential property identifies the precise grounds of your property and determines what you are entitled to build as the rightful owner of your title. Eliminate ambiguity and sleep soundly thanks to Boynton & Pickett LLC!

Residential Boundary Surveys

Thinking about adding a home extension or building a pool or shed on your property? Or is a neighbor’s tree drifting onto your property? Know your rights as a homeowner and begin any residential renovation or construction project on solid ground with a residential boundary survey from Boynton & Pickett LLC.

Commercial Boundary Surveys

Maine is a wonderful place to live, but the complicated zoning and scheduling bureaucracy of our state can cause headaches for budding developers. Whether your next construction project is 150 square feet or 15,000, make sure you get off on the right foot with a comprehensive boundary survey from Boynton & Pickett LLC.

We’ll examine your title and deed against public records and use the latest in surveying equipment to produce a highly accurate and verifiable boundary survey that will give you a clear path on your next construction or renovation project. Our commercial boundary surveys are trusted by business owners throughout Skowhegan!

Your Ally in Property Disputes and Real Estate Transactions

Any surveying service from Boynton & Pickett LLC comes complete with expert witness services and testimony in any property or legal disputes that may arise from boundary or zoning issues. Trust Boynton & Pickett LLC to protect your rights as a property owner and call on our expertise!

A Surveying Company You Can Trust

With nearly 15 years serving Skowhegan residents and a coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Boynton & Pickett LLC is a land and property surveying company you can trust. Call today for a quote!