Boundary Surveyor in Greenville

Private ownership of a property in the Greenville area is always an exciting opportunity, but without clearly defined boundaries, it can quickly become a bigger headache than it’s worth. When the boundaries of your Greenville property haven’t been clearly defined, disputes and misunderstandings are all you have to look forward to. If you want to avoid constant bickering with neighbors and trespassers, give Boynton & Pickett LLC a call today to find out more about our boundary surveyor services.

Boynton & Pickett LLC is your Maine surveying specialist if you want to work with a firm that’s known for professional, affordable and timely service. Our goal, no matter what we are contracted to do, is to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. By putting ourselves in your position, we can maintain the highest standards for accuracy and precision while offering great value. Unlike other boundary surveyor services, we aren’t deterred by rough and rugged terrain. We also don’t mind complex projects.

No matter what your land needs, we are here to rise to the challenge of providing you with impeccable service, so call (270) 474-0016 to speak with the experts today. There is nothing that bothers us more than poorly defined boundary descriptions, which is why you can count on the most accurate boundary surveying services when you reach out to Boynton & Pickett LLC. We have been Greenville’s best boundary surveyors since 2004, so take advantage of our experience and meticulous work ethic.

Reasons You Need a Boundary Survey

In the simplest terms, a boundary survey is a graphic depiction of a property. It’s like a map of your property that outlines its legal boundaries and other features. They are particularly handy when:

  • You are buying or selling property.
  • Building fences around your property.
  • Building an addition or renovating an existing structure.
  • You need to settle boundary disputes.

Boundary surveys are held in high regard by lawyers, courts, banks, realtors and other instutions because they are conducted by trained and licensed professionals like the ones on staff at Boynton & Pickett LLC.

Whenever you need to document and protect your property rights or simply to enjoy your Greenville property with peace of mind, call (207) 474-0016 and we’ll take care of the rest.

Establishing Boundary Lines

When you hire the Boynton & Pickett LLC team as your boundary surveyors, we will come to your property in the Greenville area and:

  • Acquire the initial survey from county municipalities.
  • Use special equipment to pull exact dimensions from different points around the property while mapping them with stakes or paint.
  • Sign and file the survey, updating it with county authorities and financial institutions as necessary.

Because we have been serving the Greenville area for nearly two decades, we are comfortable navigating in the most rugged terrain. Complex projects are where we thrive so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if your property is unique or difficult to navigate.

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Your property deserves clearly outlined boundaries, so call (207) 474-0016 if you want your rights clearly outlined and up to date.