ALTA Land Title Survey in Greenville

American poet Robert Frost said it best when he wrote that, “Good fences make good neighbors.” But sometimes a fence isn’t enough. Greenville residents are a friendly sort. But sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Property disputes are a fact of life. Boyton & Pickett LLC has been one of Greenville’s most trusted land surveying firms for over 15 years. Here’s a short guide to the sorts of questions you might ask when choosing a land survey system for your next real estate transaction.

What’s an ALTA Land Title Survey?

ALTA stands for the American Land and Title Association, the trade association for title insurance companies nationwide, and their ALTA Land Title Survey is the gold standard for surveying in all 50 United States.

What Makes the ALTA Land Title Survey Special?

The ALTA Land Title Survey has stricter standards than a regular survey and is a highly precise boundary survey. While regular border surveys can be used for all sorts of minor purposes, ALTA surveys are the only ones precise enough to be backed by both the American Land and Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

Even better, ALTA Land Title Surveys are the only ones that are accurate enough to be used for insurance, mortgages, and commercial real estate dealings.

What Can the ALTA Land Title Survey Do for Me?

An ALTA Land Title Survey is the most accurate land survey system that maps totally a given property’s boundaries. It can also demonstrate the following:

  • Boundary or border lines of a property
  • Location of main and auxiliary buildings on a property
  • Improvements to a property not accounted for on the blueprints
  • Easements and encroachments
  • Utilities
  • Flood zoning

What Problems Can an ALTA Land Title Survey Resolve?

The ALTA Land Title Survey isn’t required every time you need a border survey, but at the same time, there’s nothing stopping you from getting one either! It might be more expensive than the typical residential land survey cost, but the extra accuracy and detail you get is more than worth it. When you’re buying an empty plot of land, contacting a local property surveyor to perform an ALTA survey is a must.

Another instance when you’ll want the help of a land surveying firm is when you’re buying a commercial property. The price might be higher than a residential land survey cost, but you can’t afford to take chances with a new business. Don’t let an encroachment eat into your new business profits!

What is the Difference Between a GPS Survey and an ALTA Survey?

If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering if a GPS survey can cover all the issues that an ALTA land survey can. But what you might not know is that GPS is just one of the many tools that can be used by survey companies to complete the ALTA survey. Don’t think of these as separate techniques that land surveying firms can use but as complementary strategies.

Who Should I Call?

Boynton & Pickett LLC has years of proven experience as one of Greenville’s best land surveying companies and civil engineering firms. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from other local property surveyors. And if you’re still having trouble deciding whether an ALTA land title survey is the right option for you, give Boynton & Pickett LLC a call for a no-obligation consultation.